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Personal Statement:

I believe that we as artists have a responsibility to increase the momentum for social change and could use our work to this advantage. Historically speaking we have looked to the arts to gain an understanding of the dominant features and social issues of previous societies, having an access to social media and marketing should enable us to change our world and depict it in all its aspects for future generations to appreciate and for people today to benefit from its change. Having worked on a private broadcast channel where I would conduct ground and web based research to compile my findings and draft a premise for following documentaries where guests would be interviewed on set and allowed to showcase some of their works, ie recite poetry and discuss experiences of injustice with statistics and how we could change things together. My work today is often influenced by interviews and documentaries in an ode to abstract expressionism achieved through film photography, fashion & textiles, paintings, and sculpture with interactive elements via Adobe Premiere, social media and ground level networking. Combining my self taught, outsider background with these experiences is how I choose to bring down our base instincts and emotions as politics and the complexities of everyday life can often get in the way of making a change. Some of the outlets that have influenced me in the past were ID and Subvrt Mag which encouraged me to experiment with film photography due to the raw and grainy process highlighting the nature of the conflicts shown or assumed, a trait I admire in a few of my favourite photographers and mixed media artists.
Rose Wylies Quack Quack exhibition at the Serpentine (Sackler) Gallery was a good indication of how trained artists can still emote these emotions in an outsider 'format. I was fortunate enough to see Hassan Hajjaj s Somerset house exhibition (La Caravane) late last year as well as the workshops and musicians showcase of his subjects held on the last day of the exhibition. I really felt a connection to his process and admire his approach that married major aspects of different cultures together in different mediums. This has been the main inspiration for my latest collection where I have chosen to depict my cultural heritage and social assimilations in fashion where I created textiles and prints through the adobe suite as well as traditional batak, then photographed them on models which were further abstracted so that the focus on where the pieces or people came from became less and less important, humanity vs human. 
I have also attended workshops at the RCA with artists Alexandra Parry and Cicilia Ostholm which has encouraged me to push myself further and try newer (to me) techniques and methods so that my work continues to change with me as opposed to becoming stale and thus no longer hits the mark with the viewers. My goals and interests are to keep pushing the boundaries of art and life by learning and experimenting further in order to harmonise and create understanding for and with others through my work, as I have an urge to express myself and the desire to be understood but without the need for words or restrictive clarity. Meanings to words can change but are more heldfast than an abstract artform where emotions and understandings evolve with the maker and the audience.

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