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Positive & Negative spaces

My first experimentations with clay and plaster, the concept was to try and recreate  rock with carvings and cut outs to represent the balanced aspects of a Notan. However I did not add a shield to my clay and my plaster consistency was off, while this meant the pieces crumbled- I was still able to peel them out.

The sculptures to the side and below were closer to my initial concept where I had been experimenting with a series of foam cuboids in triangular form contained within a box or not- in filled with plaster or not and so on.

in reality I could not get the foam to stick together, and at the time simply filling it felt too simple even though my plaster mix ratio was constantly off.

Below are some of the experimental placements.

In the end using found scraps of materials and printing on them in a very loose abstract way using the blocks above. I then layered them over each other to create shadows as well as a contrast from the raw material to the black print. The first mimics the triangles with its irregular 'skyline' whilst the second one is contained within the base but holds more layers, shapes, angles, etc.

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