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"...if the World dies, we die. If we die, the World thrives."

To design a house or room out of cardboard with their knowledge that they would later be destroyed.

I chose to go for a small house/ set or street design that had already been devastated by war and natural disasters.

An A1 illustration of my streets re-imagined in a 'where's Wally' format but with each street/ building being slightly different than the last and not at all like the ones in 3d, except for the main one which is the closest to date to its original form.

Whilst the only relation to the house project is that these are architectural pipe drawings, even if their industrial. However I feel they relate in style, IE a comic book sense. 

A series of collages and photo manipulations on paper and canvas are above in an effort to 'memorialise/ re-imagine the houses in diferent ways.

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