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Stop motion animation

A short movie highlighting the friendship between my mother and her carer, as well as my gratitude to her for enabling me to work and study.

The opening of the movie represents my own tumultuous relationship with my mother and the guilt I feel about wanting to live my own life.

Some of the musicology is just not as good as can be, but I aim to keep practicing post submission due to multiple changes to the plot and circumstances, the quality is not quite as good as can be.

In hindsight, time would have been better spent getting the 'cast' a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

The lighting as well towards the end is very temperate due to storm Doris, but all in all that turned out to be beneficial to the plot, encapsulating the two women in the eye of the storm.

The graffiti too is an ideal representation of what the numerous overwhelming thoughts, conversations and ideas someone suffering from poor mental health could be dealing with.

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