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UAL Awarding Body - Level 3 Art & Design Extended Diploma

Unit 8 - Project Proposal


Candidate Name


Saiyyedah Hoda Sibtain Rezavi


Candidate Number








Project Title




Your Statement of Intent (SOI) must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project (FMP).


Prepare your SOI carefully, referring to the guidance in each section below. The guidance should be seen as a prompt and not be regarded as being prescriptive.


The SOI must be a minimum of 500 and must not exceed 800 words. Each section has a guide to best structure your statement in order to meet the grading criteria. You are reminded that the bibliography and timescale should be included and developed with great consideration and detail.


SOIs judged to be of insufficient or excessive length or those inappropriately structured will fail the criteria for an acceptable SOI and be returned. The SOI must be word processed.



Section 1: Review (Approx. 150 words)

Explain the journey you have gone through in this past academic year. What were the greatest milestones of your learning? How do you feel you have developed as an artist? Explain how you have decided on your specialism – was it a turning point in a specific project? Have you always identified as a specific type of artist? If so, how have you developed and furthered your skills to get to this point? Explain how your journey has ended up here, with this idea, for this final major project.


At the start of the year I had my mind set on focusing towards product design as a specialism. As the year progressed and I learned more skills, understood different mediums and new processes I wanted to showcase the growth and development by mixing my specialisms, I believe a sculpture would be the best form for me to be able to do this.

An interactive 3D sculpture would use construction skills to build its skeleton, partly textile (so some fashion) -exoskeleton, as well as drawing and photographic skills for the videography stills. Coming from a media background will also help tie in my specialisms and help me to strengthen and expand on my technical capabilities such as editing, sound and stills mixing, etc.

I hope to increase my growing confidence and add to my repertoire by using such a variety of methods, and in doing so make a piece that is relatable to the masses in that there would be a little bit of everything appealing o more people.


Section 2: Project Concept & Proposed Artist Statement (Approx. 300 words)

This is where you explain your FMP project idea and concept. Be specific about what you intend to communicate and what you hope to achieve by producing this work. How will your work engage or affect your audience and what will they discover by interacting with or viewing your work? Describe the theme/concept of your work – is it based on fact or fiction? Are you creating or reacting to a mood, an emotion, a sense of atmosphere or sensation? What is the title of your Project? What will you work towards producing? What will be your final outcome?

I have been commissioned by Core Arts, a mental health day care service that provides mental health and well being services through creative learning to make a sculpture that is a representation of what it feels like to struggle with poor mental wellbeing in order to help others understand the vast range of emotions and  confusion it can  bring. Unfortunately mental health is still misunderstood today and those who suffer are often ostracized or criticized for being weak and pitiable. However together with Core Arts I hope to bring forth some clarity and show that while it can be hard and difficult, it does not have to signify the end of any employ-ability but rather an acceptance of inviting others who simply work differently back into mainstream society and respect the innovations that come from simply being ‘wired differently’.  On the flip side, we would also like to provide a glimpse into what it can actually feel like in the middle of an episode in order to create awareness and promote confidence in others to seek help and not be ashamed, hopefully this could also create respect and understanding for those who suffer rather than unwanted pity.


I believe the best way to accomplish this would be through an interactive sculpture that also makes use of multimedia. It would have to be something that could be easily transported and lightweight to enable a number of locations to exhibit and showcase it to fit purpose. It cannot be too complicated for this reason as each space could then easily understand a simple directive without costs of excess training in how it should be used. However while easy to transport it must also be strong enough to withstand constant breakdown and assembly but does not have to be suitable for outdoor use as any open air venue listed on it travel itinerary has available marques on site.


Section 3: Methods (Approx 150 words)

Refer to any techniques and processes you intend to use. Describe the range of media and materials relevant to your project and how you may use them to explore and develop your ideas. Include aspects of studio practice, workshop procedures or the use of particular equipment and software etc. In the timetable, provide an indicative timescale for your project and indicate the manner in which you intend to divide your time in order to investigate, develop, produce and evaluate your project appropriately. This should be a meaningful plan to you and should be personalized to your project.

The sculpture itself will require a mixed range of construction materials, to be confirmed through experimentation on what works best but most probably an mdf / wood base to provide the sturdiness and support. The upper section will be a mix of fabric or textiles as well as either laminated paper, PVC  or metal pipes and so on. Regarding multimedia, I will shoot a series of interviews and sound to overlay or mix in with some photos and pictures of work created. In order to showcase these I will make use of a projector either within the structural sculpture, or on a stand beside it that still enables viewing from within it. In order to increase the feel of encasement without the expense of a costly 360 degree projector, part of the sculpture itself will have to rotate, adding to the feeling of confusion or disorientation that people who suffer can feel on an emotional level. This can either be done using ball bearings, or four way turn wheels.


Section 4: Evaluation (Approx. 150 words)

How will you critically review and analyse your work and determine if it is successful? How will you identify directions for ongoing development? Do you have a method to record the critical response to your ideas? How do you propose to assess the success of your Final Major Project and what will be your methods of evaluation?

As my process requires mixed media, I believe the best method of evaluation outside of an annotated sketchbook would be to write a blog format journal on my website. This would provide the right platform to include the interviews, sound clips, as well as some video documentation on process and progression. It will also provide the space to include reactions and photographs of participants in the experience. I believe this method would work best as the only other visual format that would enable use of all of the research and information gathered, would be to edit it into vlog or documentary format which would be quite lengthy to watch and detracts from the sculpture and its interactive nature itself.

As well as photos depicting the emotions and state of being from those participating within the ‘cocoon’ or sculpture, I will create a questionnaire for them to take into the experience. Some of the questions will involve their current knowledge and understanding before entering, this will help ascertain any change in thoughts or feelings either within themselves or in understanding once tallied with the rest of the questionnaire that would be completed at the end of the ‘ride’ but from within the ‘pod’ to ensure you get the immediate reaction. This would also prevent any outside influence or ‘corruption’ of thought as it would involve an isolation of some sort to maintain the same state of mind. Humans are resilient beings and I feel that completing this stage post production outside of it would shatter the immediate reaction from a controlled environment.


Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

What are the influences, starting points and contextual references and why are they relevant to your ideas? Indicate the subject areas you intend to research and the likely sources of information including any museums, specific locations, performances, etc you plan to visit.  You should explain the value of this research and then compile an accurate bibliography correctly acknowledging all references including texts, periodicals, websites and video/DVD’s etc

My research and recording methods will involve looking at online articles, first hand interviews, and books relating to mental health and well being. Other resources of information and inspiration will stem from movies, historical and social events. This will also be enabled by  observing different construction methods via playground equipment, office chairs, kitchen devices (lazy Susan's) – recorded via video blogs to showcase the movement generated. These will be documented at each relevant stage through my journal online, in footnote format using the Harvard method for found research and inspiration, as well as short clips and written documentation on ‘generated’ research. I will also document the experimentation in relation via photos and more short clips regarding how each movement or structural prototype works in regards to their inspired form.


island – FMP Timetable


Session Activities -

What will you do in your practical/timetabled lessons on a daily/weekly basis?

I-LEARN / Personal Study Targets -

What will you do in ilearn sessions and during your own time?

Resources -

What you will need to do what you have planned - including access to workshops







Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –


Research and self questioning into what I am most passionate about conveying and coming up with options on which outlet is most appropriate to show this.

Personal history and experiences, movies, historical events research via online information and movies for inspiration.



w/c 13TH MARCH



Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –


Sketches of rough idea on how I would like it to look, as of now.

Write up and get approval for proposal submission.

Research online and make some calls into existing art therapy based centres or organisations.




w/c 20TH MARCH



Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –



Collate all found research up to that date as well as formatting of journal and sketchbook.

Made physical contact with organisation and begun to take interviews as well as build up relations between myself, the visitors and them.




w/c 27TH MARCH



Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –



Maintain sketchbook and journal.

Begin physical breakdown of existing office chair and make model prototypes in different materials based off of this.

More mixed media research, experimentation with paper, card, plastic, etc.




w/c 3rd APRIL









Maintain sketchbook and journal.

Explored alternative methods for base structure via model prototypes in increased size.

Begun base construction.

Playground and fun fair visits for mechanical understanding.

Use wood, metal, or mdf for construction as well as my circular saw, drill and other tools available at home.




w/c 10TH APRIL










w/c 17TH APRIL



Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –


Should have Completed base and surround construction.

Added wheels to circular base.

Painted circular base.





w/c 24TH APRIL



Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –


Should begin construction of movement control mechanism.




w/c 1st May

Monday – BH

Tuesday –

Wednesday –


Continue construction of movement control mechanism.





w/c 8th May


FMP Presentation to Peers







w/c 15th May


Peer Targets & Project Completion








W/C 22nd May




PRIVATE AND CLOSED MARKING OF ALL WORK. Written feedback given to you by your team of lecturers. INDICATIVE GRADES Referral, Pass, Merit, Distinction Marks indicated. Failure to hit PASS marks at this assessment will cap your overall grade at a PASS. You are not eligible to achieve any higher due to failure to meet deadlines







29TH May


Target Completion Week

You have now been received indicative grades.


If you have been indicated as Pass or higher, you can improve your work to achieve at Merit or Distinction

If you have been marked as Referral, you must now work to achieve at Pass grade. You will not achieve any higher than a Pass due to UAL grading rules.






5th June


Exam Installation





12th June


Final Submission & Referral Deadline


FMP projects fully installed in show space for marking by UAL Examiners





17 & 18



  • WEEK 1

-I really wanted to create a performance piece but speaking to the various teachers suggests that it wont get approval due to not creating enough of my own stuff IE too much managing over creating, plus I don't know how reliable it would be to use other students.

My other option is to create a sculpture tat I wasn't planning on making as a sculpture- more of a music box but it doesn't give me as much long term passion or excitement as a final major project.

-My mums carer is going away suddenly until her son finishes uni- so i'l have to plan whatever I do with that in mind (less time in school as I would like but have to get back to mum if she refuses to go to work with dad in the mornings.

-Watched Darling again for some inspiration, as well as Clockwork Orange.

  • WEEK 2

- Maryam's gone, mums taking it badly, found my paint pallet outside the front door with some s**t in it.- still it got me riled up enough to figure out what i want, poor mental health is a big issue and we have gotten better at talking about it etc but were not quite there yet.

- Mission for the next week is to find some books on mental health statistics, coping mechanisms, etc.

- Spent a bit too much time in the park this week- scared all the neighbors! Sitting on the swings taking videos (got very stressed to realise after all that that the camera was wrong way round whilst swinging).

-Compensating mums mood swings with waffles!! gets her up in good mood most mornings as a bribe to go with dad when he comes to collect her. 

  • ​WEEK 3

Made some visualization sketches on what my blurry thoughts are on how sculpture looks, really want to try/see if i can commit to clean minimalist look I've drawn (hmm), but the video from the merry go round is my favorite so far- will have to try merging it with some footage of car wash at some point plus get my hands on premier.

- Found a good book in the library: Mind your head by Juno Dawson- very current and relatable, I like it makes lots of sense but don't know if its going to be all that practical in recorded format- mostly just to read for info.

- Went back to the park and got some footage on the swings but don't think I would  be able to use it, very linear movements and to be hones I think the swirling goes better with concept of confusion.

- Practiced a few painting on paper and canvas using an old window scraper applied at different levels of pressure so I can get a feel for it before I start my reactionary paintings.

- Looked into virtual reality head sets, how they work etc. way too expensive for specialist camera and software doesn't exist yet to turn regular film into VD.

-Painted mums old chair to see if I could get away with Ron's suggestion(chair spins round whilst clamped on something- with wheels removed), but it just felt too bulky and i'm not keen on how the paint job turned out.

  • WEEK 4

-Researched a few different mental health organisations (Mind, West London Mental Health team- Richmond, Lakeside unit- West Middlesex Hospital), not sure how many of them would be willing to do an interview but fingers crossed.

-Listened and watched #inourownwords repetitively so  that each reactionary painting is different and thought it best to leave a bit of time between each so they don't start blurring into each other. To be honest tough, the paint takes quite a while to dry!!

- Attempted a model out of Popsicle stick, thought it would be clever...FAIL their far too soft and loose, but its just the beginning. unfortunately just realised videos can only be uploaded through YouTube or Vimeo... some conversations are not for everyone- that means I'll have to wait until the videos completed so that each sound etc isn't distinguishable from the next.

- Don't trust my editing skills for a properly filmed video so will probably go for stop motion- could add to the vibe, probably even do my paintings overlaid with mechanical or gear type video overlay for interest and would disguise any shakiness. 

  • WEEK 5

-Made some more models out of different materials, experimenting with shape and style etc. best option seems to be combining the straw tepee with the plastic donut, tested in a  packing tape as the plastic ring is too wide and flimsy for it.

-Trip to shepherds bush gave loads of inspiration, a little too much i bought loads of fabrics, god help!

-Also started compiling my book, ahem bit late but I prefer to have a more materials/ content so I can start out an order.

- Pictures also seem to take up lots of space so i'll have to add a gallery of sketchbook at the bottom instead.

  • WEEK 6

-Trip to Homebase to scout out costs and availability of materials plus weight since I live on the third floor and dimensions for the doorways as well as stair well.

-Went back and bought the jigsaw on offer but sucks that they didn't have the multi tool or circular sander- sold out.

- Started construction of my MDF model, and as predicted couldn't get the inner section of outer ring to be a smooth circle with my triangular sander.

-Taking a cheeky break by re-watching whole lord of the rings trilogy whilst sewing a new outfit, started as summer suit palazzo and cropped jacket but may end up as a jumpsuit- who knows.

-Began construction of large sculpture, lots of issues with sizes and doorways I hadn't calculated (difference in sizes from front door and hall ways AND room doors)!!!

-Design has adapted a bit, no freestanding people or swing but a chair instead. Rectangular outer base as there wasn't enough MDF along the edge of the circular base to do so.

  • WEEK 7

-Grandmas going away too and mums brother is about to have a grandchild any day now so not sure whats going to happen with her, might have to take some days off school.

-Mum went to dads actual office, but she got out and ended up in the middle of traffic, could have died don't know how she managed it but apparently she thought we were taking her so I cant even justify getting angry. Its obviously not her fault but GAAAH. I want to take care of her how she needs it but I can't if I end up like her, I need to be in school even if its selfish and qualifications will only help make things better for all of us but it takes TIME, it's a process!!!

-Complete wasted week..

  • WEEK 8

-Started typing this up- lots of editing needed lol too much of the personal not enough of the school work!

-Also finished my presentation on PowerPoint no less, well chuffed.

-Added more wheels to sculpture, legs for rectangle base, faux grass, covered the plastic poles in fabric 'eyes', bells, feathers etc.

-Cut the hole for Paul's suggested mechanism vs a wheel....struggled all week with details of it, figured it out but structure itself is too small or i'm just doing it completely wrong as the rope keeps spilling all over the place, or refuses to turn damn thing.(Later found out I didn't need the hole at all???? just confused)!

-trying to figure out how to fix the compromised stability of structural base without interfering with MANUAL motorisation...

- finished second VR box but its very flimsy so will need to try other materials.

  • WEEK 9

-Removing the half pipe and rope from sculpture, resizing the nails bolts etc, make sure everything except poles are screwed in and secured (poles will be last minute as they need glue).

-No-ones willing to go on record from the official companies regarding interview, directed back to their approved advertised campaigns/ interviews etc so just having to go off of that and own experiences really.

--Smaller model of VR box out of aluminium, already too heavy so had to use the flexible plywood, also thinking about using old waffle packaging(plastic geometric prism) to attach the phone, possibly two phones- add to the disorientation.

-Did a quick test shoot for the stop motion video as per Richards idea to have the sculpture itself within the video too, also watched Inception and Dr Strange so i'm feeling it lol. watching the sculpture on video from within the sculpture.

-Presentation did NOT work, me and technology, but I was able to show some pictures and had to wing the rest of it, think it went OK but got loads of info from Richard to read through. MUST research it and put in book!!!!

  • WEEK 10

-Focus on sketchbook and website as apparently we get time after submission to do finishing touches to 3D aspects of project, whooooooo!! Must take pictures of each page vs fancy tech know how for main pages turn on screen. Make sure I don't run out of space in book, go over everything to see what needs annotating here vs in book(confusion-sigh).

  • WEEK 11

-Finish VR box.

-Glue all aspects of the poles that need it.

-Talk to Richard if he knows/ thinks its worth it for me to get an electric winch now to turn the sculpture.

-See if there is a camera with a timer for stop motion, or re-use the girl from dry run and hope she has time plus gets the creep factor going.

-Keep updating here until end of FMP??

  • WEEK 12

-Finish paintings for sculpture backdrop.

-Cleaned up and painted gallery space.

-Shot more pictures/scenes for stop motion video.

-Completed adapted video using pictures verses sequenced stop motion to allow picking ones that work.

-Finished sketchbook and extra research etc.

-Experimenting with display styles in allocated corner gallery space.

  • WEEK 13

-Finishing touches to gallery space and note cards for paintings.

-Add final pictures and evaluation to sketchbook.

-Updating website and submission.

                                                                                         ***Please got to EXHIBITIONS page for Final Outcomes***

Project proposal: Island;
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